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A full-service electrical installation company

Datasilta Oy is a producer of electrical and data communication services founded in 2009 and filled with top expertise and a cheerful attitude. Our electrical installation company serves businesses and households in the regions of Uusimaa and southwestern Finland.

Contact us for anything related to electrics and data communication. Our expertise covers everything from small electrical work to demanding installation jobs. Datasilta also knows optical fibers and provides solar energy solutions as a turnkey service. Ask for more information!

A professional’s handprint is always easy to see. The folks at Datasilta have plenty of healthy professional pride, and we want to do our part in helping homes and businesses succeed in both big and small electrical and data investments. Things can and must be done with expertise! 

Jani Väliaho, operative manager

A wide selection of services

The most significant telecommunications operators and hundreds of private households in Finland rely on Datasilta for the flawless functioning of electrics and data communication, day after day, year after year.

Get familiar with Datasilta

We have a diverse crew with plenty of expertise from demanding installations to important everyday jobs. The trained staff of our electrical installation company is at your service!

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Electrical work from 49€/h. Call us and order a free survey visit!

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Datasilta Oy
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