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Datasilta helps clients in design

Our design services are divided into three areas:

  1. Electrical design
  2. Lighting design
  3. Home control

Good design always benefits the client

There is no need for nasty surprises in electrical work. Risks can always be minimized with careful design.

Datasilta’s plans are reliable

Our designers will draw you an electrical plan to meet your needs, which we will use to calculate an offer for the work. Datasilta is a professional who won’t cause you nasty surprises.

New perspectives from Datasilta

We will help our client see all possibilities and avoid mistakes. Our expert will be happy to give you their opinion on electrical fixtures, different design choices and tips about things such as lighting. Choices become easier with the help of the views of an independent partner.

Contact us and ask for more information!

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Electrical work from 49€/h. Call us and order a free survey visit!

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